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Exercise: Walk to Target
Piano Song of the day: Sweet Home Alabama (152/152)

I'm reliably informed that today is day five hundred and one of COVID. This is from the day that the initial two-week lock-down was announced here. I gave up counting myself on day 184, which signified more than half a year in lockdown.

We're not in lockdown anymore, and anyone that wants to be vaccinated can be, well anyone twelve years of age or older. There is plenty of vaccines to go around - at least in the USA. As we are all going to need booster shots before the end of the year, this is a good thing. Not so good are those that are refusing to get jabbed on pure selfish, not medical, grounds.

But those of us that worry wear masks indoors. You can still catch COVID and while your reaction will be a lot less, you are still going to be a carrier, you can still infect other people and you will probably still get a little sick.

And that is where we stand today, or rather sit, or lie down and rest because so far this has been exhausting, and it's not changing anytime soon.

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