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4K macBook

I haven't used the trackpad on my macBook (mid 2014 MBP) for a while. My setup has my mac on a stand connected to a Thunderbolt display, external 4TB Drive, wireless mouse, and keyboard. I don't use the keyboard and trackpad on my macBook that often. Even when I travel I take my stand, external keyboard & mouse with me. Typing on a laptop all day without it really is bad for your posture.

This weekend I have been travelling and while I brought my keyboard, mouse and stand I haven't used them. I did bring my laptop tray and have been using it with my laptop to write my posts and play FireWatch.

The trackpad is starting to fail again. It works OK in the bottom corners but not elsewhere. It tracks OK, it doesn't click well. This happened before when the battery swelled, it pushed against the trackpad limiting click travel.

Last time it was fixed under AppleCare - I claimed within one week of coverage expiring. This time it won't be the case so I started looking at the new MBP 16" which I know is a worthwhile replacement as my wife has one.

As my machine is 6 years old my company will have written off the cost as the usual depreciation period is 3-5 years. I hinted at my boss a while back that I'll probably need a new machine this year.

Thing is, it's going to cost $4K

Possibly it's just some dust or dirt and it can easily be fixed thus saving $4K and the best MBP model made will continue to live on.


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