10 months ago 🥁 for day 264, 2021 with 224 words.


Exercise: Walk to Trader Joe's (the long way)
Piano Song of the day: Starry Night (198/198 @ 80% speed)

I got frustrated so I slowed the song down to 80% speed and was able to play it all the way through - both hands, every note. Now that I know I can play it I know that if I practice enough I will be able to play it at full speed. This I already knew, but it is good to get confirmed.

Our vacuum cleaner died. Well, at least it isn't charging. I don't know if it is the charging system in the Dyson, the battery, the charger, or something else. But I have enough tools to work it out. The first step is a multi-meter on the output of the charger to see if it really is 11v, then we go from there. It did lead to a Cinderella moment though when I had to get out the dustpan and broom to sweep the kitchen, then discover we don't actually have a dustpan anymore.

I didn't have to do Jury Duty in the end. I wasn't called for this morning session and when I called in for the afternoon session I was told that I was no longer required so that's it for 2021. Maybe I'll be called in 2022.

Exciting stuff, life, isn't it.

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