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400 Days + Smoke

I had a subject matter for today’s post, however, now that I am writing it I have completely forgotten what it was. Normally I would write ideas down, maybe I should check Things to see if I did. I did not.

I’m sniffling a lot. I still think it’s a pollen IgE reaction even though it’s too soon in the year. That said the groundhog predicts an early spring.

A smoke detector battery needed changing, which may sound like a simple task. Find the smoke detector, change the battery. When you have at least 6 in the house you first need to triangulate the beep to find which one it is, then as the ceiling is approx 18 feet high you get the extending ladder and climb on up there. Never mind that I have a fear of falling.

I now see the attraction of 10-year smoke detectors. They come with a 10-year battery and after it expires you throw it away (or recycle it if you can). Some would argue that this is wasteful, and you’re better off replacing the 9v battery every year. Turns out that the smoke detecting mechanism has a definitive life before it is flakey. You probably guessed, it’s ten years.

If you have an old smoke detectors detector, older than 10-years, time to get a new one.

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