1 year ago 🥁 for day 162, 2020 with 242 words.


Days sheltering in place: 86.
Ants in the kitchen: Three (too many).
Keyboarding: Yes, many times.

I moved a spare set of speakers from the bedroom to my office. They were plugged into Alexa and she didn't really deserve to have a set of external speakers to announce my Amazon deliveries.

Now that are plugged into my iPad which is connected via USB to my Mini Keyboard. Finally, I can turn up the volume and really feel like I'm getting somewhere when I play Toccata and Fugue. Which means I haven't gotten how to play the bits that I know. Also, I can play the four bars of the West World Theme - which is the easy bit really. Karen says she refuses to be impressed until I can play it all. That was my target anyway, but it gets complicated, even if I can arpeggio the ACEG# (is two hands cheating?).

For the last two weeks I'm been designing and retrofitting a 2FA system into our eight-year-old code base that wasn't designed for it. In the end I'm happy with the result, it's very clean - as it should be for security code - and doesn't use a single line of JavaScript so there is nothing for anybody to try and hack. When it comes to security, simplicity is best and security by obscurity doesn't work.

Tomorrow it will get to QA and we'll see how it fairs.


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By Yorick Phoenix 🥁

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