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Mystic Drive Through

Days sheltering in place: 131.
Exercise: walking around JoAnne’s probably doesn’t count.
Keyboarding: Ludvig van Bach.

Listen to Albatross, go possibly havn’t heard of it before. It’s probably “old” by your standards, but is a classic. If you have never heard it before, it is by definition “new” to you.

We went out today - to discover that somebody with a corner house down the street had painted their entire home bright blue. If you can imagine a shade of blue equivalent to shocking pink, then this is it. Maybe that is what electric blue is. I’m no designer so I know Reflex Blue and 2955C of the official pantone colors. I only know Reflect Blue because it was the color of my companies logo and 2955C because it is TARDIS blue. Either way this house is now a very jarring color of blue that caught me by surprise.

We had food today that we hadn’t prepared ourselves - and by ourselves I mainly mean Karen as she handles the kitchen and I handle the BBQ. We grow our own arugula and rosemary because neither of us are fussy with greens, but arugula hits the spot somehow and I like rosemary as a spice.

Anyway, we got food to go from a local burger place. They sent me a free voucher for my birthday so we decided to use it.

Obviously the restaurant was closed for indoor & outdoor dining but you could get food to go, delivery or use the drive-through. Not that the restaurant has a drive-through. To save time we tried online ordering with their app. This works but doesn’t handle vouchers. At the door to the burger joint there is a large touch screen where you can place you order as you wait outside. That was cool, but it doesn’t take birthday vouchers as they have to be scanned.

The solution, it would seem, was to use the Drive Through that I didn’t know existed. In the car park they had roped off an area to make a simulation of a drive-through. You enter, somebody takes your order on a tablet, places a cone on your roof then you go park in a space and they bring the food to you.

Of course the drive-through guy couldn’t take the voucher but the staff in the store could. He noted down the voucher code for the staff but they forgot to use it with a consequence that we were charged full price.

Nevertheless the manager spotted the error, came to apologize, gave us a separate coupon for a free meal plus we still get to use the birthday coupon before it expires.

You can guess where we are eating lunch next Saturday.

The mystery FedEx from Wal-Mart turned out to be my Amazon order that was due to arrive next week. This is the second time an Amazon order has been drop-shipped from Wal-Mart. Figuring that is this reseller can do this, then I can buy directly from Wal-Mart online myself. But no, Walmart.com doesn’t have the item in stock and never did. Go figure.

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