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Exercise: planed to, but didn’t.
Keyboard: not today Josephine.

Two thousand seven hundred and fifty three. It’s a number that is much bigger than it should be. It’s a number that has been steadily getting bigger.

It’s not the number of words I write here each week, although I am getting pretty close to a quarter of a millions words. That has got to be at least a million characters, and given my tendency to edit my posts probably a couple of million key-strokes. Now I say my tendency to edit my posts, I used to do that, but of late I have only fixed the glaring errors. I haven’t fussed over the grammar as much as I used to. Nowadays I think more about the structure of the post, in the same way as I think about the data structures and architecture of my code.

Two hundred fifty thousand thee hundred and fifty four words. Not including this post, that is the number on my profile. Averaging three hundred and fifty six words per post.

As for the number at the top of the page that keeps getting bigger. That’s the number of people who have died in the USA today of COVID - or at least the number reported.

Every single one of them is one too many!

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