5 months ago for day 120, 2020 with 248 words.

Everything’s Cancelled

Days sheltering in place?: 44.
Days to normality: 32 (at least)
Spare rolls of toilet paper left: 2 (I found a couple of spares)

Event that isn't happening today: wander around Cardiff, check on the restoration work on our flat which has had the floor ripped out for most of a year now due to a really bad water leak.

The “Shelter in place” order was extended to the end of May with a few more allowances. Stores that are generally “outside” like plant nursery’s can open again as long as distancing is observed and masks are used. Restaurants and Café’s can’t re-open even if they have outside seating. Local parks can re-open with the usual social distancing rules.

Lots of things are getting cancelled in advance. Marin County Fair was cancelled - it is normally held the first week of July - then today my city cancelled their 4th of July parade and fireworks.

Various concerts that I we were previously attending have been re-scheduled and I expect them to either be re-scheduled again or cancelled. There isn’t going to be any large gatherings of people this side of autumn / fall at all, maybe not even this year.

Mother’s Day is coming up in the US and traditionally it’s a big family get together, go out to brunch occasion. It’ll be interesting to see how things change in that regard because it won’t be happening at all.


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