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My Problem

Days to COVID Maxination: 5
Exercise: Walk to FedEx and Trader Joes
Piano Song of the day: Burn (by somebody)

Karen asked me how my piano playing was going and what I was playing - she doesn't know because I wear headphones if she is home. I gave her a couple of renditions of songs I had learnt and she seemed suitably impressed. Turns out she needed to know if I needed a pedals yet. I have no idea, but it comforting to know that she thinks that one day I might.

Meanwhile the fallout at Basecamp is interesting to watch from the sidelines. I wonder how many of the staff that quit really care or are quitting because they know they can probably easily get jobs elsewhere and 4-6 months of paid vacation is a sweet deal. If they took that money and donated four months to charity I would know they were serious. I would also be very cautious about whether I would want to hire them if I could - which I probably can't, even though we are hiring, it's the wrong tech stack.

I still say it is not a companies obligation to get involved on social issues unless they really want to. They can if they wish, but they don't have to. Some companies do, on issues that are important to them, not necessarily those of their employees. It is up to the company and employees should in no way expect their employer to go to bat on non-business related issues.

I don't ask my employer to take a stance on Gun Control - which as an American import and one of the, if not the most, scary parts of living in the USA - scares the sh*t out of me .

Maybe my company has a stance of certain HealthCare issues, after all were are a HeathIT company, but I don't get to dictate what those are, and if they make me uncomfortable I can voice my concern and bottom line, I can leave.

A company owes me nothing more than paying me a commensurate salary for the work I do, and not do anything that breaks any labor, health or safety laws. That's it. Everything else in my problem.


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