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One Hundred Sixty Nine Pancakes

It's Shove Tuesday or as it is called in the UK "Pancake Tuesday", AKA: "Pancake Day.


If you don't eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday what is the matter with you? It's the best excuse you'll ever get to do so. Of course, some countries eat pancakes year-round - although not what I would call pancakes. UK Pancakes are more like Crepes.

When I was young I had a book that involved pancakes called "Little Black Sambo", yes I realize that the terms used in the title are not exactly politically correct. The book was written in 1899 and is, therefore, probably an indication as to what would have been considered the norm back then. At least for a while Scottish writer.

Ignoring the title of the book, and the fact that the main character is called "Sambo", it is a sweet story about a small Indian boy being chased by tigers then out-witting them to [spoiler warning] turn into butter. His mother uses that along with some flour, milk and eggs to make pancakes for the family.

I haven't owned the book for a long time but if you google around you will find plenty of discussion about it, you can still buy it - even on Amazon - or read it for free on Prohect Gutenberg as it is way way way out of copyright by now.

"And then they all sat down to supper. And Black Mumbo ate Twenty-seven pancakes, and Black Jumbo ate Fifty-five, but Little Black Sambo ate a Hundred and Sixty-nine, because he was so hungry.

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