1 year ago 🥁 for day 187, 2020 with 234 words.

15 Minutes

Days sheltering in place: 111 (base 10).
Days without ants in the kitchen: 1?
Keyboarding: Moonlight Arpeggio.

Fifteen minutes is all it takes, apparently, just fifteen minutes.

We have a big release coming up on Monday. Many of the staff have been working on and off over the holiday weekend to make sure it is ready. I finally finished my last ticket this evening (Sunday) and sent to for code review. The DevOps team are working late as well on disaster recovery infrastructure stuff. Monday is going to be a busy day. If all goes well - which it will in the end - we go live Tuesday morning.

I cut the grass today. It seems to be doing OK. The new grass that I am growing from seed doesn't seem to be growing, which is a little worrying, but the good sign is that I recognize the grass of the seed that I planted last year and it seems alive and well.

I have a timer on a hose connected to a sprinkler that waters my patch of grass every morning at dawn. Wanting to conserve water I initially set it to five minutes. The grass didn't die, but it didn't thrive. There is no ten-minute setting, the next one after five minutes is fifteen, and that works.

Fifteen minutes is what it takes to get the grass to grow, apparently.

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