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Sonata Quasi Una Fantasia

Exercise: 2.6 mile walk
Keyboard Practice: Boring the sonata

1.. 2,3... 1... 2,3 - goes the fingers of my right hand as yet again I play Sonata quasi una fantasia (AKA: Moonlight Sonata). I have played it so many times now that I can play a whole 20 bars - well if I read music I could count off the bars, but about 20 bars. My left hand doesn't really know what to do or what to make of all this stuff. Maybe I should go back to Für Elise and see if I can crack two hands as the left hand wasn't two hard except that I feel like a drummer and can only concentrate on the one hand at a time. I suspect I should be playing all of this with my left hand so that the right hand can learn the fiddly bits.

But I keep practicing so that eventually the right hand will be on auto pilot, I won't have to look at the keys and it will just happen like magic, just as it did back when I learnt to touch type on a mechanical typewriter.

There again, maybe I should be the good student and go right back to the beginning and learn to play, and read music at the same time. For very very simple tunes I could pull this off, but of course like any bad student I am impatient and want to play the good stuff already - even though I know I can't.

Still, the practicing is good for my mood, it may not be much, but I did it, I played something that I could never play before, and that's all me.

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