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I'm not a big one for sports but the Six Nations Rugby has started. For those that don't know what that is, someone once explained it as: "Like the Superbowl but less gay". Here is what they meant by that:


All kidding aside I do enjoy watching a good game of rugby. Rugby Sevens is even more fun. The entire game lasts 30 minutes rather than several hours and definitely doesn't stop for commercial breaks.

Today I felt well enough to go out for a walk and get blown about in the wind for an hour. I've been experimenting with different levels of HDR photography the last couple of years. To many HDR has received a bad rap from the over-processed and alien-like results it can produce. While it simulates a larger dynamic range - closer to the contrast levels the human eye can deal with - the results are different from how traditional photographs turn out so you instantly know that they are HDR, because they look too good.

The HDR I'm talking about here is bracketed AV±N stacked exposes, not the HDR stuff that your phone does - not that I am knocking the later. Very interesting computational things have been done with phones of late, but not close enough to the results you get with a DSLR to want me to give mine up.

Still, I'm not deterred. The results are more powerful, vivid and contain much more detail as a result. If you are careful I believe you can achieve great results.

I finished my 2019 US Taxes. That is quite satisfying, even if I have a naggingly feeling I missed something.


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