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Need to Write

I've been out of this game. I started strong and lasted about 40 days. Then I missed one day. I knew this would happen when I lost that streak. I'd give it up. Now it's been probably a month since I last wrote. It makes a difference.

I came back today because I need to write. I need to get the thoughts out of my head so that I can think more clearly.

Life needs balance. It's enticing to think that we can just work really hard all the time to get what we want. But we need to rest. Rest needs to be built into the schedule to prevent burnout.

I haven't been good about building in rest. I've been working on so many side things. I've been neglecting cooking. I haven't been prioritizing sleep. One of the best things you can do to be successful in the long haul is probably sleeping enough. All it takes is one very tired and groggy day to knock you off your game.

Didn't finish that one thing you wanted to today? Do it tomorrow. Right now, go to bed. Otherwise, you won't finish whatever it is you wanted to do tomorrow. If you do manage to accomplish that with little sleep, it will probably be poor quality. It's not sustainable to not sleep.

Focus on the most important thing.

One thing at a time. Focus deeply on it. Solve problems well. Solving a problem with a half-ass solution is worse than doing nothing at all. The half-ass solution probably only works some of the time and it causes even more headaches. This specifically applies to programming in my head. I'm sure it applies to other things in life, but this is the easiest example. You write some code to build a feature, but that code is poorly designed. In the future, you need to expand on that feature. You basically need to rewrite the whole thing because of the bad design. That's a half-ass solution. More work later because we didn't do it now. Don't rush. Do it right.

  1. Sleep
  2. Focus on the most important thing
  3. Take your time

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