2 years ago ๐Ÿ’˜ for day 66, 2020 with 319 words.

Day one: New writing setup

OK, so Iโ€™m writing this in my new iA Writer app, on my relatively new iPad Pro and with my new, hopefully fabulous, keyboard sleeve from Zagg. The name of this particular product is the slim book go.

The iA writer app is pretty slick now that I have disabled the so called keyboard bar at the bottom of the screen. I also wish it would automatically hide the top bar, although it is easy enough to scroll the page up an inch or two, which will cause it to disappear.

It is a little bit weird that in the Apple world, the keyboard layout has a tendency to be tied to the input language. Iโ€™m really used to typing English language text on a Norwegian keyboard layout. So far, on the iPad, I have been forced to type on a US keyboard layout or suffer tons of red lines from the spell checker.

While talking about the spell checker, I have not found a way to easily add custom words and it has a habit of highlighting uncommon names even though they start with a capital letter.

All in all though, this app and the physical keyboard remotely gives the feel of an actual type writer. It really does let me focus on the text with very few distractions from the device, operating system or software. Though, I should better remember to turn on the do not disturb feature of iPad OS if I donโ€™t want to be interrupted by notifications.

At this point I have run out of things to write about, but I do need another forty words to reach my very first daily quota. I guess one random thought does come to mind: seven bucks a month for the writetogether.space service seem a little much.

This concludes my first writing adventure with the new setup.

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