1 year ago for day 252, 2020 with 337 words.

1 hour left of the day

geez, imagine it was 1 hour of my life?

Blanky I would stare realizing I have already lost 5 mins thinking is this even real or the heavy dinner is making me sleazy and dreamy?

Wait no, the clocks ticking, I am down to 45 mins now! OMFGGGGG!

What do I do? Do I post on Facebook? Do I post on Twitter? Do I post on Instagram?

Do any of the 300 combined followers would believe or care if I don't live tomorrow unless and until I like and comment on their pic?

Down to 40mins! Should I call my best homie and thank him for taking so much shit for me and hope to see him in next live?

calls best homie Homie: shouts GO, SLEEP DUDE!!! Me: cries imma gonna die in 30 mins! Homie: and you are calling me? heck the people gonna track me down now , why you do this? Me: you suck and I love you man Homie: K

Down to 20! I was already full and since I got nothing too lose and wanted to sleep in peace for enternity might as well sleep with a full stomach? (open dominoes> some fries and pizza, heck I wish the dominoes promised 30mins delivery and would come on time)

Down to 15! What should I do? Is this how its gonna end? Is this how history will remember the great me for this? Will kids in school study about my legacy? (Well I wished I had a legacy and spend money on lawyers just to segregate which castles will go to my fav siblings)

Wait WAAAAAAAT.....its 10mins left.

Should I tell me mom and dad? damn if this thing turns our unreal, they gonna whack me for spoiling their sleep.


Stares and looks as if someone has come to escort me (gotta stop watching deathnote and shinigami shows)

Heck what's this notification? JOIN WRITE TOGETHER?!

"Hello...this is...."

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