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First Writing on site

Well, two hours left to get in my first writing on the site since I joined today. Over the years I have written my fair share of emails and some tech manuals for the positions I have held in the IT industry. But still, the hardest is sitting down and staring at a blank page and trying to get started on it. It seems when you are staring at the blank page your mind races with everything else you could be doing.

I am hoping to use this platform for several purposes; the first is to learn to write better sentences which are more impact full and second to use it as a sounding board for writing I want to publish on sites like Linkedin.com along with my own personal website on various topics ranging from coding to poker.

To finish off this first writing, I will give you a little background on myself. I have been in the IT industry for twenty years starting with being a developer in the telecom field for SBC then AT&T which lasted for ten years and then moved over to the other side which is networking, ISP and web development for the last ten years.

Today I work for a real estate company as a Technology Advisor which encompasses everything from webmaster to the network to VOIP phones. I have been fortunate to be able to plan, execute and build out several networks for the office's the company opened.

I am looking forward to reading other writers content and learn from it along with hopefully be able to contribute to the community in a meaningful way and help others on the site.

As a sideline, those last twenty or so words are hard to get down to finish off with over the three hundred limits. Finally had it.

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By Robb Glietz


A developer, network|VOIP engineer hopeful blogger.

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