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The Resolution

I'm not a big fan of new year resolution. I can never stick with one for long. But I made a couple every year anyhow, to get some sense of minor accomplishment. This year's number one is to sleep early.

Guess who slept at 6am last night?

I used to be such a great sleeper. It is not an overstatement. I slept everywhere, in my commute, flight, classroom, under the desk, etc. I once slept on a bench outside a station to wait for the first train. It wasn't too good but was better than idling for hours waiting. I slept easily, five or ten minutes after I hit the pillow, I was gone.

In recent years, however, my most precious talent has been taken away from me. I guess I'm really getting old. Sleep still comes easy for some nights. For the others, I cannot count hours I lost chasing it. My mood gets bad. You might be familiar with how restless night could anger you.

I don't think I have insomnia, as in, a medical disorder. I don't think it's that bad. (But who knows?) I tried multiple of sleep aids before. Some are better than the others. I have a bottle of child body lotion which smells so nice, but didn't help much. Chinese herbal pills worked well. The breath-holding trick was 50/50. I think I can manage most of the days. Alas, some nights leave me listening to morning birds chirping.

I think most people wake up trying to be a better person than yesterday. I do too. I need to plan my sleep condition more systematically. I need to pop by the store and buy some supplies, in a hope that tonight is going to be better.

I'll try harder. But I don't know if trying works when it come to sleeping.

PS. I forgot about this writing thing entirely on the second (2nd) day. It's pretty embarrassing.

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