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Calendar Crisis

Let's talk about calendars.

In this part of the world, brands, companies, and stores usually give out desk (or wall) calendars during holiday season leading to new year. You'd expect to get at least two calendars from either banks or other places you do business with. It's a tradition somewhat, but it seems that I might have to put everything in past tense soon.

I didn't get a calendar this year. No one in my family did. And I was surprised we didn't. I'd say we are in a comprehensive spot for the calendar game. My mother office has always had spare cash for this sort of thing. My father did business with multiple clients and suppliers. And then there's me who work closely with vendors. No one gives away calendars anymore, my dad said.

Perhaps it's reached the point where people fully realised we are better off with calendar on our phones. It's always there and synced. No pen is required. And you can even see what someone else is up to. Or everyone agreed they'd better cut the cost. Or they simply couldn't find good photos for it.

I got to admit desk calendars are not too great. I never did much with the ones I had in previous years. Few writings. Few looks. Two superior benefits though, that it allows you to check for dates quickly, and that it makes your desk looks office-y and profressional-ish.

Although desk calendars are not that great and useful, I think people still want them as they start to complain about calendar shortage. The other day my friend and I spent hours in our biggest shopping district trying to find and buy practical calendars (with some space to write on). We failed.

As I put my calendar away in this very first day of 2019, I can feel the looming crisis. Calendar crisis.


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