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speaking to a thousand people

This month is the 5 years anniversary of the first time I went up on a stage to give a talk about design. I did that at least 20 times since then but every time is a new challenge, a new story or topic.

It kinda amazes me how far I've come on that sense, from speaking to 10 people at a work meetup to being a keynote speaker in Istanbul or speaking to 600 people in Moscow. This brings me a lot of joy, it is one of the things that pushes me to do my best because, for sure, there will be someone better than you at what you are talking about right there in the audience, maybe giving you the stinky eye but making them like me its not why I do it. A 40minutes keynote takes, on average, 40 hours for me to prepare — it might even be more. This time is great because I deep dive into a topic I already know something about but this time trying to approach it in a way other people can understand.

So, yeah, I love doing it and I get better at what I do by having to structure knowledge in a way that others can understand and I have done it way more times that I ever thought I would so why is this one different?

Well, this week I'll speak at the AWWWARDS conference here in Amsterdam. The event is sold out at 1000 attendees and something struck me today: This is the first time I'll be speaking to an audience of "Designers only" and that kinda scares me a little bit.

In the past the conferences I spoke at were UX/DEV kind of conferences or Product ones and this time is different.

The number of people does scare me a bit but who is going to be there scares me even more.


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