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Second sun

I fund out that a very good friend had a miscarriage and it hit me real hard, I started writing this years ago but now another great friend also had one so I thought I'd finish it.

I remember the day that I found out that all I want is you It was the day that I said baby, I want to marry you

Before that day you said I love you smiling with your soul But in that day you were the soulless thing and I died form the inside.

I chocked in tears trying to come up with words but I jut drowned You said: oh baby, our baby its far away What about now and we? We cannot sustain I cannot look at you right now and think that it was supposed to be I'm the woman that was carrying your second you

But there is a second chance for all of us There is a second sun To shine and make me smile so hold my hand and walk ... with me we will find our way to the light

What happens now? I lost the woman of my life both of them. And all I can do is cry for help. We'll have to overcome Aurora. We'll have to see the light again. Aurora. And someday, the second sun will come

This lyrics are pretty dramatic but from as a spectator that's how I saw it play out. It is funny how things can go to shit so quickly and destroy people's lives. It is incredible how some people have the strength and the will to keep moving forward — there is something to learn there.

My good friend had another baby, the other one is still getting over it and I found out that people don't talk enough about miscarriages and how they are more common than one might think.

We all learned something new, we are all moving forward and hopefully we're better humans.


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By Pedro Marques


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