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it is cool but unethical

With the years I came to realise what the tech industry is actually about and now I'm a bit depressed that I'm part of it.

In my previous job I was in a team called persuasion, yes as creepy as it sounds; then moved to consumer psychology and proceeded to build a recommendation engine that doesn't really care about what users want but what the company wants to shove down their throats — and that's by design.

While I was working on all of this it seemed super interesting and challenging, I saw myself performing neurological tests on users to see how they'd react to a given input on the screen, I'd crunch data on millions of people to find patterns that could be used to "help" them go down the funnel — it was challenging and interesting. At the time this efforts were actually to make the website less shouty and stress inducing but we had to keep at least some of it, because it sells.

Nowadays I'm super skeptical about tech in general. I get all those devs working at Facebook that just think that the work is groundbreaking and innovative but now that I'm "awake" I find it increasingly hard to make a living in this industry.

For someone that is specialised in machine learning and data exploration it seems counter intuitive that I don't want to be part of it, I know — It is quite stupid. How can one succeed in this industry and make a good living without giving up ones soul to this? Am I just waiting for the right offer for me to sell out? I don't know.

I was taught that succeeding in tech meant working for one of the big techs but now I'm not sure if I want to live by these standards.


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By Pedro Marques


Product designer based in Amsterdam and hoping to move all my drafts to published this year. @pmarquees on twitter

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