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I always thought it would be easier I thought I was doing this for you. Or was it for me? Actually, I've done it for anyone.

They always say, all those songs the songs said, but I didn't want to, or I simply couldn't understand. Now you seem to be better without me. Will my pride be bigger then my will?

Are you really better without me? Am I better without you? One heart will be smashed into pieces. One of the three.

Stop being like this, please. Now is time to be the big boy. And that's way more than you can handle. Being bigger is to say that you love someone. Is to say that you need someone. Is say that you miss someone. Is say that you regret something. It was better, I had this to see what I'm seeing now. Is being "the man" just being a jerk? But I'm already a jerk, so lets move on.

She has me on her hands. I don't know what I said to her that other day. She knows. She probably knows everything.

SHE WILL NEVER TRUST ME AGAIN. few days after we broke up I was with another girl. I don't know if she is, or was with someone. But she knows everything about me.

I need to talk to Jhen, its better that we do it this way If we have had I'd look like a jerk breaking up with her.

I didn't know she was pregnant when all this went down. I didn't know about anything. Now I need to be the big boy.

This is kinda like the mental state of one of the characters in a novel I'm writing, there's still a lot of work to do but I just wanted to write down what is going on in his head.


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By Pedro Marques


Product designer based in Amsterdam and hoping to move all my drafts to published this year. @pmarquees on twitter

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