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Confusion of who I am

How can someone drop who they believe they are? I believe that who I think I am is the root cause of all my problems. Instead, I should be focused on the beauty of what is out in the world. The belief that I am a violent person does nothing but taint my perception of this world. The self-image that is created by my beliefs about who I am, make it harder to love myself. To accept me as a beautiful human being.

How do I drop this false belief I hold over my head, in order to feel free? What do I need to do in life to learn how to drop this belief? Do I need to feel so much pain that the belief I hold suddenly collapses and I see the beauty of this world?

I know the answer to my questions does not lie in thinking. Nor doing. I believe it comes from the maturity of acceptance and love. To learn to value emotions over material possessions. To learn to live in tune with what it means to be a human whilst being bombarded with capitalist advertisement every step of the way.

To be told that we have to live a certain way, to follow a certain storyline, to fit in a box, to be understood and accepted by society, is the fear that keeps me grasping for the belief I have of 'me'.

I believe under this false belief of 'me', is a peaceful and loving being that is able to handle the pressures of everyday living in the 21st century. This person is naturally able to provide happiness to those around him because he sees the importance of giving a hand to his neighbor.

My 2019 resolution: live in accordance with how I feel and not with what I'm obliged to do.


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By Patrick Prince


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