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Tags, on your posts

It's been a bit since I was feeling brave enough to add any major new stuff, but I've got something new for you that I think will help make writing lots of posts easier: custom tags!

From right now, any post you make can have tags—as many as you want—which are a great way to tie a bunch of posts together, add a topic, or something more thematic. To add multiple posts, hit the comma button in the tag box, enter, or just click on 'add' each time.

Go crazy, add tags to your old posts, or just the ones from today forward if you like. If you want to see all of the tags, head to this page to get every tag on the site, sorted by how many posts it has. In the future, I'll add some more nice stuff to tags, such as viewing posts only by a certain person under a tag, and following tags to get them right in your feed.

Amazing what can get done on a rainy Sunday afternoon, once you get back into the swing of things coding. I'm well aware this was overdue, but it's finally here, and I hope it helps you somehow! 🎊

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