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Some cool new things, just for you

I haven't shared a post for a while myself, because I've been a little burnt out on writing words from doing it full-time, but I have a really exciting excuse today—we've finally got some incredible improvements for the editor that'll make your life easier.

Today, you'll start noticing a number of new features that, thanks to you all asking and reminding me are important things to build, are tucked away in Write Together:

  • Auto-saving of your in-progress drafts as you type. Every time you pause typing for just a few seconds, we'll make sure you have a copy of your words saved.
  • Restore revisions of your post (up to the last ten) in case you lost that super-important paragraph. Just click the little ⏱ button to see the last few revisions—you might need to refresh the page to see the latest ones.
  • Drafts! Sometimes you have an idea and it doesn't quite come out in time. Well, write what you want, hit save draft, and start all over in a new post instead. Your drafts will stick around indefinitely, and you can find them under the ? button from today onward.
  • Scheduling posts — so many of you asked for this, and I think I've found an elegant way to get this into your hands. It's still a work in progress, but here's how it works: once you've published a post for today you can start backlogging posts. Every time you write a post and submit it, Write Together will set itself up to automagically publish it on the next empty day. You can fill up the backlog with 10 or 100 posts, and we'll autopublish them at midnight every day to keep your streak alive. Yay!
  • Custom slugs, so you can customize your URLs after the post is published. Ever wanted the post /owen/loooooooooooooooooooooooooooool well, now you can do it. Just go back into the editor after your post is live, and you'll see the option
  • Lots of bugs squashed, including annoying link dead-ends and a lot more.

On top of this update, which I'm so sorry for taking a long time, I'm launching a first start of a 'help center' which now lives in the top navigation. I'll add any information I can think of here, and there's a great set of information about how to use these new features I've mentioned already in there!

If you have time to give back to the help center, or any ideas for what we could add, I'd love to have you get involved. Please let me know in the comments and I'll happily provide access, because maybe there's a blind spot I don't know about—your perspectives really matter and shape how I develop this app! I'd love to build a resources section, for example.

Finally, you all inspire me so much! When I started this, I just wanted a cool place to share my own thoughts, and thought even if one other person joined me it would be fun. Even when I'm busy with work and not posting, I'm reading every word you share here, and I love seeing other people fall in love with the art of writing.

Thank you for being here. And keep at it. You're the best.

P.S- the top users leaderboard is not working right now, but it'll be back on track by tomorrow, not to fear!

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