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Sleep, or lack thereof

I can't think of much else right now other than the fact that I should be sleeping. Instead, I'll find a bunch more ways to procrastinate from sleeping: maybe it's playing a game, writing this post, checking my email, or something else... there's always an excuse until, oops, it's midnight!

I've always been bad at sleeping because my attitude toward it is a little wrong: I find it annoying, or a waste of time, rather than a time of rest. I suppose that might have come out of years of 'always on' mode, in university or something, but it's hard to pin down when it really began.

But, it's pretty bad. I sometimes sleep at midnight. Other times 2am, or 4am. I can function on just a few hours sleep, perhaps 5-6, so it exacerbates for a while until it's too much to deal with anymore: I just get too sleepy.

See, the problem isn't really going to bed so much as the thought of being there. I struggle to stop thinking about the day, or switch modes out of 'go' and so sit there, bored, finding anything to look at until I eventually fall asleep out of sheer tiredness.

These days I have better strategies: intentional activities that make me fall asleep easier, through sleep habits. No phone in the bedroom might seem obvious, but somehow I'd always catch myself leafing through Instagram, feeling like it was absolutely neccessary before I go to bed.

Then there's the habits that help train my brain that it's sleep time. There's a few, like:

  • No bright lights in the bedroom, just dimmed Hue before bed
  • A good cup of calming tea before heading to bed
  • Wash your face/do other bathroom routines that are calming
  • No computer an hour before bed (I've failed at this today)
  • No caffeine after 4pm, and no more than two coffees
  • If I can convince myself to run in the morning, I sleep like a baby that night

These things... sorta work, if I stick to them. Weirdly, despite knowing they're good for me, I'll put them off. The human mind is amazing, huh? If there's any fellow night owls out there, I'm curious what your strategies are here. It surely can't go on like this forever!

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