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Hello, shorter word goals

Hey there, friends. I've missed you, and it's been a while. I moved to Canada this year, and got a new job over here in Toronto, which means my entire year somehow got sucked into a void of moving countries, navigating a new city, and finding my feet at a new job.

I wish I had had more time to make this site as awesome as it should be, but yeah, moving is exhausting. But I lurk and read the site often, and ya'll are incredible–I don't think I could ever write as much as you all have, and I do this full time!

I'm humbled, and hope you feel like better writers after such a marathon year! So, I have one tiny, but useful feature for you today now that the break gave me some time: custom word goals.

How to get it

Here's how it works: sometimes you want to set yourself a higher goal, like 800 words a day, or maybe you want to do just 200, like this post. Just head to your settings and choose your own goal (the minimum is now 200 words). Sometimes you just want to write fewer words, and now you can.

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