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I've always thought that goal setting as a concept felt icky, and a little unnecessary, but as the years go by, I'm coming to realize that meandering aimlessly is fun, but when push comes to shove it's hard to make coherent decisions in the moment without goals to guide you.

So, because of this, it made things harder...

For a few years I've struggled to fit into traditional job titles or roles, always finding myself unable to find something that I wanted to do, or too boxed in by what the role wanted me to be. I guess I'm what they call a 't-shaped person' which is broadly the type of person that has a bunch of skills across the board, and is able to become an expert in a few (or one) of them.

Because of this, I thought there weren't any jobs that were great for me. I like coding, writing, marketing, and getting shit done. Where does that leave me? Well, for most companies, there's no box for those types of people, so they try to make one... and set you up for failure.

I left the land of full-time jobs in part because I couldn't find a role that was awesome enough that I couldn't resist working with the team, but also because I realized my own goals, and all of the shoe-boxed problems I had at previous jobs, were just below the surface. I never really wrote them down, is all, which made it harder to crystalize them as actual things to aspire to: autopilot is easier.

So, I was thinking over the last few days: what are my goals? If I wanted to look in increments, here's what I'd love to do:

  • 1 year: Build enough sustainable ideas to work on side projects, and experiment with weird, fun projects more often... without doing freelance work to support a lifestyle of building weird ideas.
  • 3 years: Find that weird idea that works well enough, and makes me fall in love with the idea of running it forever, and build it into something even bigger that can support me (and others) working on it long term, without investment. Also, own a house and get a dog in a country with mountains.
  • 5 years: Phew, that seems a long way out, but: dog, country, mountains... and be running a company or team, doing things I love on ideas that I and others came up with, and supporting that through allowing everyone who works with me to be remote. Also, to be offline way more often, doing something not computer-related. Teaching? I haven't decided.

OK. Your turn: what are your 1/3/5 year goals? What do you want to be doing when I ask you again, 12 months from now?


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