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Getting the most out of Write Together

I realized that I never really wrote anything down about how people might be able to get the most out of this thing, or what I think is the best model for thinking about this service.

When I launched Write Together, I thought of it in a different way than I do today: it was a service for learning to write every day, which seems really noble, and incredibly addictive, but I quickly discovered that a lot of the value here isn't really in that. Sure, streaks are fun, and getting an idea of how much you can write as a person is cool, but came to the realization that the real value is writing together. That might seem obvious, but it wasn't, until I realized the biggest part of the blogs of old that I missed is the writing... together.

Anyway, these days I think of this more as a community of people committing to writing more, in a communal space. Sure, the tool can help you learn to write every day, or every week, or whatever, and much more can be done in that pursuit to improve the experience. However, there are people here writing, in a single place, and talking openly about it.

If you're reading this and want to know how I think you can best get things out of Write Together, and what I implore the community to try more often:

  1. Follow people on a regular basis, and check the new feed regularly. I love my feed, but I jump into the Writing page to browse categories as much as I can, because the new folks want to feel welcome too! If you don't follow them already, jump in and read Fiene's amazing writing, Tamas' incredible entire-year streak of daily writing, or Sophie's incredible mix of personal, fiction, and beyond.

  2. Comment! I love talking with each of you and should do this more, but it's truly rewarding to get insight from others about your work, even if it's "wow, I never thought about that." I've been loving reading people like Asia's writing and learning about how writing, culture and other influences have shaped the way they think about the world.

  3. Share work beyond here. One of the only ways to continue this platform forward, and grow the community into something where we can keep learning, is if you share your own work (and words that inspire you) on other platforms. Tweet your own work, or a friends' post, They'll appreciate it!

  4. Tell me what work you adore, and want to see featured. We have a Twitter account, and I'd love to highlight you all there. If you love a piece of work here, message me on Telegram or via email and I'll queue it up.

  5. Make a post here sharing your favorite writers, and why! That's an excuse for 300 words, and helps others shine too ♥

If there's something that would make your Write Together experience incredible and help with these types of things, let me know! It's very possible I haven't considered it yet, and I'd love to get it on the roadmap.

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