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Getting serious about goals

I was trying to decide what I wanted to write for my first post, feeling the pressure, and decided I'd just write down a few things I'm hoping for out of 2019 and go from there.

2018 was a big year for me in many ways: I launched my first product (reCharged while marking my first year full-time freelance. It went better than I ever could have hoped, but I ended up overdoing it a bit, taking too much work on and nigh burning out in the process.

It was also my first year dealing with, and understanding, how ADD influenced my own life (I was given a diagnosis in late 2017 but it took months to use that context to my advantage). I think I came out of the other side of that knowing how to wield it to my advantage, rather than a crutch, which as been a total revelation. It's not always easy, but just knowing about it has helped a lot.

Anyway, I think in 2019 I'd like to get more in control of my own future. 2018 was about realizing that I could succeed as a founder/freelancer, but now I'd like to take more risks, and focus more on what I want to do.

So, for 2019, my goals are:

  • Learn to write fiction (with this tool!)
  • Get back into running
  • Not be so anxious
  • Try to relax and build more fun stuff, take less clients
  • Work toward long-term goals (i.e buying a house!) in a more focused way
  • Build 1-2 products that help fund building cool stuff like this on a full-time basis
  • Be better at being a proactive friend
  • More books, less games

That's lots of goals, perhaps, but I think they're attainable. I'm planning to use Write Together as a tool to document those, but also work toward some of them. I'm so glad we can all do this together!


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