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A quick congrats for a full year

When I started this site back in 2018–which feels like forever ago–I figured I'd get in the habit of writing for a few weeks at a time, in bursts, and meet some people along the way. I never thought anyone would write for 365 days in a row, let alone myself–and I was wrong about one of those things.

Not only did more than one person Write Together for a whole year, every day, a bunch of you did. Yorick, Bartosz, Kirstine, Chris and KTamas just clicked over a full 365 days of writing which is wild! There's a few more people on solid streaks, too, and I'm mind-boggled. Basically, this thing: 🤯

You all put up with the trials of writing on the regular (as well as the bugs!) which has been both inspiring and humbling. Thanks for using this thing to make hundreds of thousands of words, and thanks for being patient while it grew and developed over time. I learned a lot from you all, and I've been amazed at how you've all developed as writers this year.

I made this to teach myself something, but you all taught me something instead. And I super appreciate that you stuck with it! 💌

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I made this! I'm a cloud-scale infrastructure engineer 🚀 turned writer. I like to make products that help humans!

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