1 year ago for day 71, 2021 with 311 words.

Day passes, repeat

Waking up, by not actually waking up. Snoozed one time, two, three times, it's kind of late now, not sure about having a shower, but I know it's definitely the best idea, to start the day fresh. But not today, I'm going to wash my face with London's had water, a.k.a. limescale master instead, and adding a bit of face wash I got years ago from the airport, it makes your eyes look even more tired, red, so I scratch my face, still with the pillow wrinkles, and a look of someone that has been electrocuted six times.

An intense day ahead, thinking about nothing, or perhaps yes, how grey and sad the day seems to be outside, rather than the sunrise, it looks like the sunset, getting darker and darker, and I can feel the cold.

Trying to put letters to form words, speaking, and writing, can't handle those emails, the inbox is flooded. Just want to switch off, I close my eyes and I can listen to the sea bathing the sand, a pulsing sound, an image full of reflections, lights, smells, sounds, I can even touch it. It's cold but rewarding, then a chirping sound, it's not a bird, it's a notification, where is coming from? It's from a website, or from an app, maybe the phone, or the laptop, Bluetooth connected, music starts playing and I calm down, drug music, therapeutic to the user.

Oh! It's lunchtime, I feel hungry, but not so much, cannot think of something to cook, but tonnes to eat, am I being lazy? Probably, definitely, but I don't care, at least I'm writing, they say it's good, and I know it's good, then, why we don't do it? Like when we were drawing when we were kids. Don't forget the joy, while the day passes, then repeat.

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