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A writer I love defined the latin word enitens as 'trying harder every day'. I can't find that translation anywhere, but what I can find is a definition of it as 'struggling/striving'. I tried one of those slight-too-woo-woo-for-me year planning guides, and it in you had to pick a word for the year. Last year's word was of course, enitens.

Sometimes it's not so much the exact wording that matters, it's the spirit of the thing, and I think that describes my 2018 pretty well. I got an amazing new job, I went to a podcasting course put on by Spotify, moved house and more or less kept my head above water for the rest of the time.

I don't think I put in as much effort as I could've. I don't think I made the most of the clarity of mind and blessed balance that my job has afforded me. A year is ending and a new one is starting up, and that means I have the opportunity - as we do every day - to turn over a new leaf and make our lives into what we want them to be.

I have so many goals it's ridiculous, but I saw a great post in a blog about how your goals should be compounding, so I'm trying to start with the basics. Exercise, writing, meditation and doing a podcast are the main four, and if all else fails I'll ditch all the others for an exercise habit.

Wrting so far has been easier than I expected, but thus far I've only been pushing myself to write something, even a hundred words, so we'll see how this goes!

Writing has been important to me since time immemorial, so I should really start to respect my own dreams.

Enitens, to me, to you, to us all.


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