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The outbreak continues

Really just slept through my day. My schedule has changed to being awake only at night. I t works fine with my blogging but limits my ability to get any chores done. Of course stuff around the house is fine but anything else is pretty tough. Still very concerned about my daughter. Found out today there is for sure some concerns for me with my daughters care. She is a nurse and out of state. she is currently positive for the virus and in a quarantine situation. She is set up in a room she can't leave meals brought to her. Because none of her symptoms have worsened she takes her own vitals three times a day and calls them in to the desk I assume is in the building somewhere. There is no monitoring system in place like a heart monitor or camera in the room. So if something where to happen between calls they wouldn't know until she missed a check in. I'm sure nothing will happen but it is killing me that she is all alone. Luckily she has her Mac book so she is doing her school work and has the ability to call me at any time. Really just hope that this virus loses steam and things can go back to normal. I find that humanity has really disappointed me through out this situation. From the start when people bought more then they needed in hopes of making a profit off others who didn't have the money to stock up. Then there has been the huge waste of perishable supplies that where not used then thrown out because they expired. Those items could have helped other families. The people who tried to price gauge other less fortunate people, were stopped by places like Amazon. Then because they where left with an abundance of items like toilet paper they are trying to return the items at the store. Because of the crisis many stores have increased prices even if slightly the hoarders would stand to make a profit. All of these scenarios don't depict every person but showed that a significant portion of the population are dicks. Also for your information new articles are talking about the fact that animal food is also difficult to find now. I can verify that myself because I had a difficult time finding dog food myself. in my search I did see dog food listed for 72 per bag which previously was listed at about 40 dollars. Having a mastiff this new development is disturbing. Also have found many of the restaurants in my area are removing items from the menu due to shortage in thier supplies. I don't have much hope that this won't be better until maybe May. I'm just hoping for the best for everyone.

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