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My feelings lie

I used to believe every emotion I had was real. And every one around me should acknowledge those feelings as real. I now understand emotions can be our brains way to protect us situations that it perceived harm. When your brain is always on high alert I have to accept my brains effort but realize the situation around me is not warranting this reaction. So I need to thank my brain but act accordingly to my surrounding. Not every emotion needs to be acknowledged. And not every feeling needs to be shared. Some times I have to let them go. This has changed my life in a positive way. So many of my coping skills where created in times of panic or fear that by learning to change them has been freeing. By recognizing that I think differently then those who do not have mental illness and accepting I need new coping skills has been a relief on the pressure on my brain. When I learned to let things go it was like a heavy load was removed from inside my head. I did find out that I have OCD. With medication my ability to handle my emotions has gotten much better.

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