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My father was criminally insane part 2

I was 17 when I remember seeing him last. I had my son and stepson with me and it was Easter I believe. I met him at his childhood home with my grandmother as the host for the event. My father and I sat down and talked about the life and relationship that we missed having together. I knew a little about him and although the history wasn't really good I felt a lot of affection for my father. I felt a bond to him I never felt for my mother or the man who raised me. I looked like my father and was built like him. He is six foot four and I'm just about six feet. I am thankful every day that I'm tall and was strong most of my life. I was raised to work hard and to pull through anything, mind over matter. But my dad is where I got my size, looks, and intelligence. I am so grateful for his genes. Now my father also passed down some mental health issues. He was bipolar and suffered from schizophrenia. He had some very disturbing incidents which I will talk about in just a bit, but the severity of his problems did lead him to being committed most of his adult life at Patton, an institute for the criminally insane. I had actually seen him at the facility one time when I was younger. My grandmother had taken me. Of course, my stepfather and mother were not aware. I would expect that a child seeing their father in an institution at about the age of eleven would be traumatized. I really could see that being the case, but it wasn't my experience. I knew exactly why he was there, and the story that my mother divorced him for. She claimed to be fearful for my safety.


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