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My father was criminally insane part 1

I have a lot of stories but it seems that they come to me slowly one at a time. I think about years that are really faded now that I'm older. I wish I had started writing my stories down a long time ago. It seems that they come to me when I'm journaling, I'll be writing about my day and then it somehow turns to my past. For some reason it seems that I can't choose which story to tell, I have been working on gathering some facts about my biological father since I started the blog. I checked to see if I could find his death certificate. My mother and stepfather have passed away, and I know that is why I finally felt comfortable enough to start telling my stories. I wanted to assure myself my bio dad also had passed so that there would be no chance of hurting anyone's feelings. My respect is really only for my bio father's feelings as he was not involved in my upbringing and only saw me a hand full of times after my stepdad came into the picture. I was 17 when I remember seeing him last. I had my son and stepson with me and it was Easter I believe.


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Currently I'm a full-time blogger and social influence dabbler. I'm currently a few months in to a year long plan to become a better writer and build a reasonably accepted blog. Also planning to try my hand at short videos and podcasts.

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