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Just signed up today.

So today I woke up after getting my Google analytics set up on my website. And it has turned into a busy day. So I found out I have traffic now going to my site. Which means it's showing up when people do searches on Google. I have ads set up already on my site which is good so that over the next year it can build up and possibly start paying for itself by the start of the next year. I have a couple of things I have links to also that if people click on them I will get a commission. Again I don't expect anything from that this year. It seems that my post on attachment Disorder has done pretty well as far as clicks are concerned. So I want to do more posts like that along with whatever other topics come to mind. I have also started dabbling in the idea of YouTube and podcasts. So that's something else I'm going to be working on real soon. I'm feeling really positive about how things are going so far. It feels good that the work I'm doing is getting results. Oh and I almost forgot that I was accepted for the writing course. I was waiting to see about financial aid and luckily that has gone through and the course started today. It's a 14 month course so I'm feeling really overwhelmed. It's a good thing though it has all just started becoming real for me. My site NeeceeBlog.com is what I have been working on. Would love to get feedback because I feel like it is not professional enough. But I'm really torn between it looking too professional and looking disorganized. Honestly I think I'm a little bit of chaos so I do want it to represent me. I flip flop back and forth so I feel like I change the website too much.

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By Neecee B 💘

Currently I'm a full-time blogger and social influence dabbler. I'm currently a few months in to a year long plan to become a better writer and build a reasonably accepted blog. Also planning to try my hand at short videos and podcasts.

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