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Happiness Seems to Frantic to Me

I have worked in what I consider to be service jobs to my country as navy sailor then as a contractor for the army. For a short time I worked for child protective services. I have also adopted two children through CPS. I feel like my identity is tied to my occupation. My occupation makes me feel better about myself as a person. currently I am unable to work a traditional job, I'm working my personal Blog, written to possibly reach others who have similar experiences or are interested in how someone who has gone through a troubled childhood and other struggles like mine copes. I'm proud that although my life may have had a difficult start it has turned out better then statistically speaking others may have expected. I believe there are a few generalizations about teen motherhood and broken families. My parents where addicts and abusive. I left home when I was 14 years old. Foster care didn't take for me and I was out in the big world about 6 months after being placed. I had my first child at 16 and was caring for my boyfriend's child full-time that he had from his first marriage. I lived in San Diego at the time and back then it was pretty common to see homeless teens. I didn't finish highschool. But for all of that I did keep my life on track raised all my children, none which ever needed to be placed with CPS. I did see that happen a lot, a kid who after CPS then has their children repeating the parents life. Some of us do not repeat the cycle. It's another point of pride for me that although I went about things in an unconventional way I ended up with a very conventional life.

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By Neecee B 💘

Currently I'm a full-time blogger and social influence dabbler. I'm currently a few months in to a year long plan to become a better writer and build a reasonably accepted blog. Also planning to try my hand at short videos and podcasts.

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