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Waking the siren

As the rage formed inside her like the rapid growth of crystals, brittle and unyielding, Saffron found her voice.

The professor stared at her as if she were a beetle, an unwanted presence.

A song appeared in her head with lyrics that shone in front of her like golden script looping and lassoing the professor in their sinister words. She began to sing.

It was soft at first, but Saffron's voice grew louder, more confident. The professor straightened, his stare going from disdain to shock.

Every word of her song was a poison and she reveled in its power. Her hands clenched into fists and her throat burned but she could feel her rage find purchase.

DIE, she thought.

A door burst open behind her in the hall and she could hear feet rain down on the linoleum as someone ran toward them. She turned in surprise and her voice caught and suddenly she was in a man's arms.

"What do you think you're doing?" Shouted the man.

"He's a monster! He came after Carrie, he raped her, and he doesn't even care!" She gestured wildly toward the professor, but he wasn't standing where he had been.

Saffron looked down the hall. The professor was slowly walking away, now nearly to the windows at the end of the corridor.

"Shit." Said the man holding her and she was suddenly cold again as he released her and ran toward the professor.

But it was too late.

Saffron watched as the professor swung one of the windows open and climbed through it. The man reached for him and nearly had a sleeve on his jacket, but the professor shrugged him off and disappeared into the darkness.

A few seconds later, there was a solid thud. A crunch, perhaps. The sound of bones breaking under soft skin.

The man standing at the window had been watching the professor's fall and he stood staring downward for a few moments more. Then he turned to look at Saffron and what she saw in his eyes frightened her.

Had she just killed a man?


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By Mimi Dagger


My goal is to one day write fiction so ridiculous and implausible that it mimics reality.

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