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Experiencing NYE outside of my hometown and away from my family and friends was quite different. New people, music, food, and atmosphere. I had thoughts of missing out at first and felt a pang of certain uneasiness. What seemed like a routine NYE celebration now had turned into a mad dash to get ready for an unknown celebration. Even though I have gone through 22 NYE celebrations in my entire life. Truth is I had a great time and had the opportunity to meet and ring in the new year with many familiar and unfamiliar faces. I felt so welcomed and was greeted from not only the host but by the rest of the guests. After the party, I felt that I was at a family gathering and had know most of the other guest for years. The mixture of music, food, and games definitely broke the ice and allowed us to be ourselves. I find it so interesting that so many people share the same enthusiastic and ecstatic energy to move on from the old and be catapulted into a new year. Without effort, it seems that we as a people look forward to something fresh and a calculated unknown. A calculated unknown in a sense of knowing what we did all year and trying to not repeat the same mistakes in certain situations or challenges that we are faced with. I feel like myself personally am left with the question "will I let what caused me to stumble or pause continue?". Well, this is post number 2 and I almost forgot about writing until my alarm went off letting me know its time to write a post. Today I will be grabbing some coffee and writing some code for my startup. I also plan to head to Newport beach and ride bikes with a friend and get out of the office for a bit.

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