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A start

In a couple of hours, I will be starting a new year which means. I will be graduating college, launching a beta for a payments startup, writing and getting in shape. All of these mentioned have been a work in progress from 3 years ago or 5 months ago. I have felt that I have been in the middle of what seems forever. I remembered dreaming of starting college now I can't wait to leave. Since that time I learned so much about not only myself since that time. I have gained and lost relationships since then. I also since that time wanted to create a startup. This was mostly due to a friend showing me and explaining to me what Y-combinator is. Since freshman year I learned and became engulfed and fascinated with software, design, and business. I was moved so much by Y-combinator that I switched my major from Business to Computer science. Later realized that I would learn very little about how to build modern software. Though I learned the foundation of programming and meet my best friend. I know for sure it was worth making the switch and am very grateful for the path I am on. I want to make this year about growing and creating good habits. I am very happy to have found this platform, ironically it was random while I was browsing my twitter feed. I know that in a community setting we are able to help each other and encourage and experience so much. It's interesting how we can be connected while so very distant. I am not sure if that's good but for now, we think it is. I kinda miss the days of having to call friends rather than sending an ig or fb message. I am not all that old I was born in 95 so I still remember what it was like to not have social media or an iphone lol. Well here is to us and to the new year. I hope to read more of the communities post and get to know more of the write together community.


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By michael lima


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