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Skip Hole Air Port

Today’s post is rushed. I’m sitting on the train from Amsterdam to the Amsterdam airport Schiphol, to get a flight to the US for a week.

When it comes to packing, I can pack everything in about 30 minutes. I just need a week's worth of clothes, a passport, my camera, work laptop, and chargers for everything. Simple enough?

Packing goes quick, but then I can worry for about an hour and a half about whether I’ve actually packed everything I really need.

Contact lenses….check. Passport…………check. Laptop……….….check. Phone Charger… check. Drivers license….check Contact lenses….check. Passport…………check.

The list repeats a few times.

One benefit of living abroad for me is that I tend not to have a lot of stuff. This makes it easy for me to pack and not worry about forgetting something since I can easily do a Breadth-First-Search through all the things I own and decide whether I need it. Now that I’ve settled down for while in one place, I’ve started to accumulate more things. Packing like this is becoming a challenge.

The goal of the trip is to spend time with my sisters, nephews, and nieces. They’re so young and they really grow up fast! It’s also going to be mine and my sisters birthdays. It almost depressing how fast time has flown by, particularly thinking back to when I turned 21. I celebrated that birthday in Sweden, at the very start of a semester abroad. Since then, I finished my bachelors, moved to the Netherlands to study, and moved back to Sweden for a good while.

The phrase “there’s no time like the present” really takes more meaning the older you get. It’s something I think about a lot now. I really hope to embrace it this year, and each year next.

Boom! 300 words right as the train is pulling into the station.


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By Max

Hi! I'm Max. I'm an American expat living in Amsterdam. I work as a software engineer, currently at a cool place called Picnic.

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