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The impact of your home environment as it relates to eating

The environments we live and work in have an outsized impact in how we live, yet are one of the most overlooked elements of improving productivity, habits, and happiness.

The impact of environment is one of the biggest drivers of behavior in both positive and negative ways. A healthy environment can lead to better decisions and habits, while an unhealthy environment can do the exact opposite.

I'm not talking about having plants all over your house and healthy food only (though it helps)... but assisting an outcome through environmental cues.

One of the common "uses" for a home is a place to store, prepare, and eat food. Since food is the primary source of fuel for your body, it has an enormous impact on your life.

The biggest quick fix to make in the eating phase is to go through the pantry and fridge. Take stock of the quality of food along with the visibility and accessibility of the food. If you have snacks like chips, cookies, etc - how easy are they to reach and see?

Balance that with the healthier foods available, like fruits, nuts, snackable veggies. Which are easier to grab when you're hungry? What about drinks? Is it easier to grab water or soda (or in my case, beers).

The fix is to change accessibility of the food, and eventually change their availability (to little or none). Push soda to the back and make the chips hard to reach. Put fruit out on the table or counter and switch candy or cookies to something like RX or Lara bars.

All of these little steps improve the environment so you can do more of the things that matter to you. Seeing fruit instead of chips (usually) means you'll eat more fruit. Setting your journal next to the coffee helps you write more. Seeing the kettlebell reminds you to swing it.

It's all a part of the environment you create.


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By Matt Ragland


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