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And start

So this looks like a promising little website.

I just stumbled on this place while searching for a writing community of some sort. Once upon a time, there was a web app called iScribble, which was basically a chat server with a drawing board for each chatroom that anyone could draw on. I thought to myself, wouldn't it be neat if there were something like that, but for writing? I've only belatedly realized that that's basically what Google Docs is, minus the chat server part. But not before finding my way to Write Together!

If you're wondering what to expect from me here, I'm afraid I'm as lost as you are. I've a penchant for trash fiction of various kinds, an aversion to biographical stuff, and a wit and sense of humor that ranges from the delightfully dumb to the hideously dark. My biggest challenge has always been writing consistently, and my second biggest is an overabundance of commas.

I am not a published writer, though if one were to do a little digging I'm sure they could find my scrawlings in various places around the internet. So, you know, don't go digging, please. For the moment, I'm thinking I'll drop drabbles here and there from the various continuities that are always rolling around in my head. Little scenes and the like with no buildup or context. That seems like the way to go. Perhaps if I keep this up long enough, I can bundle them up, sort them chronologically, hammer out any plot holes and call it a proper story. Wouldn't that be something?

But would you look at that, all these words and no proper introduction. My username here is Marshmellow, but you can just call me Marshie, or whatever diminutive you find most pleasing. With that, I think I will wrap up this first post and call it a night. I'm looking forward to seeing what all is happening around here.

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