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who is they

one of the best things about working remotely as a freelancer is the flexibility. in many ways, it affords people who have difficulties with regimented schedules and strict rules the opportunity to contribute their abilities to bigger pursuits and make a living. in the same vein, these people also have a difficult time holding themselves to deadlines.

ideally, they learn that skill over time. it's essential in working remotely. even if they work in isolation, they are more often than not part of a bigger team. some find out what processes and tactics work for them so they can follow through with their tasks and responsibilities. that's great. but some people never get to that point. some develop an entirely different skill: finessing.

finessing your way through tasks is not in any way noble nor is it helpful to both the finesser and the finessee. to those who are not familiar with finessing, in now-speak it's slyly getting something that you don't deserve. in the case of work, it can mean getting away with not getting things done. often, it's getting seemingly unlimited deadline extensions and not being seen as a poor team player for it. finessers know how to frame the situation in a way that looks like the delay is not their fault. it's always either a technical issue or a structural issue in the way tasks and teams are set up. or some other creative way. the worst finessers find a way to blame the delay on an unknowing person on the team. the worst type.

while they may have felt that that one time they really had to finesse it to save face or maintain peace in the team, it can spiral down fast into an issue where they never learn to actually work diligently or at least be honest with themselves about their abilities (read: setting reasonable deadlines for themselves or not taking tasks they have no business taking). they stay corrupt to the people they work with and to themselves.

they perform well enough to be kept on the team. they might even be seen as a great piece of the puzzle. however, they might also live with the constant anxiety of getting caught in their web of excuses and never get to build the discipline needed to see their personal projects through.


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