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Why I love Masterclass

Masterclass, if you haven't heard of it, is a platform where you can go and take a class from the people who are the best in their field. Whether it's Serena Williams teaching tennis, Annie Leibovitz teaching portrait photography or Aaron Sorkin teaching screenwriting, I love watching these classes even if it's on a subject that I have no immediate desire to pursue myself because I find it fascinating to watch someone talk about what they're passionate about.

Watching these people go through all of the things that they see as important to their passion has to make for some of the most interesting content I've seen on the internet and takes a completely different approach to any other sort of online course you've ever seen. Rather than technical, most of the courses are philosophical in nature, insofar as their instructors are less giving you a step by step instruction on how to technically complete the tasks they do, but more telling you why they make certain decisions in their particular flavour of that art and how you might make that decision differently if you want to come out with your own style.

The only downside, and you could hardly call it that, is by the end of these courses, I'm always feeling just about ready to make a complete career shift and dive head first into the new field that I've learned from these masters, despite technically being probably incapable of doing so because of the vast lack of understanding of the basics of the craft. It's hard to be the best portrait photographer in the world when you don't know what the difference between ISO and F-stop is.

Despite that, I continue to love the series, and dive into a new class every week or so, and if you're looking to be inspired instead of spending your time watching Netflix, I'd highly recommend masterclass to anyone.


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I'm a software engineer at a little company called Square! In my spare time I like bicycling, bouldering, photography and coding. I hope to write a bit about my interests, but also dive into fictional stories at some point as well.

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