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Trying to avoid RSI

I've been a bit quiet here of late as my attention has been taken up by more pressing matters. Such as making art! Or household chores. Or resting. So. Much. Resting. A few weeks back we painted the living room walls and especially the second one was a struggle. Dim didn't feel so great so I ended up doing a lot more and since we have structured walls I would press hard on the roller to make sure all the holes would get filled. Which worked great! I figured it was a bit of a workout for my poor hands and arms but with some rest, it'd be fine. Turns out fully resting your dominant hand isn't so easy! I'm using it right now! And I can feel the twinges whenever I lift my middle finger to tap a key. Ouch.

So, here we are, several weeks later and my hand, wrist and lower arm are still aching. Fiercely sometimes. I recognize I need to rest it, lest I risk developing an RSI of some sort, but it's just. So. Hard! All I want to do is draw and paint and maybe edit videos on my phone. None of these is great for my arm. Now, naturally, I'm looking for ways to keep myself busy without the use of my dominant arm. I just spent thirty minutes unloading and loading the dishwasher single-handedly. I could sit outside and listen to an audiobook and that'll kill another 30 minutes. But what after that? If you happen to think of any suggestions, I'd love to hear them :)

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