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Social Media Strategy: Failing

What I might loosely describe as my social media strategy so far seems to be failing. And by that I mean tanking.

This 'strategy' amounted to the following:

  • Consistency: Post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter every Monday and Friday
  • Always do this at the start of the afternoon (noon or 1-ish)
  • Use a buttload of hashtags, most of them recurring ones
  • Create more content than just 'finished pieces' so that I can keep up this momentum

So far this has led to a consistent downcurve in my likes, reach and engagement. Even in the amount of followers I have. Though followers generally go up and down with every post, which is only natural but I had always had a gentle uptick over time, now it's gently going down.

With content it seems I have two choices:

  1. Quantity over quality
  2. Quality over quantity

Although I do believe I can vary my content better, this quantity over quality thing is clearly not working. Right now, I'm not sure what I should try, although I have some options;

  • Join challenges again, because it generates better reach and followers

  • Accept some weeks of silence while I work on things, save up content and then be more active when I have a better backlog of work to share

  • Take a better look at the design of my feed itself, much as I hate to do so

  • Twitter: Some say that twitter is a better way of getting traction or connect with people on the art side of things, but so far I haven't managed to get any new followers, despite attempting to interact. I'll have to keep trying.

  • Make better vids and post them on tiktok, only good ones. My dad was saying I should get TikTok since it's so much more popular and his feeling seems to be correct, after posting a few videos I gained about 35 followers, many of whom new. That's a positive sign, but video editing is laborious and the quality of content is very high there. I am not witty or a creative videographer, so this might simply be out of my league

  • Accept the fact that I suck at social media?? 😅

I have some thinking to do. We'll see!
Luckily my content for next week is clear; I'll be making 3 little cute digital illustrations for my Patreon Tiers and sharing them. Now all I have to do is make them ;)


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